Studies + Consulting


BDW Automotive keeps you constantly up to date with regularly published
Studies and reports about the development of the market demand, the competiton and the global vehicle production. Special studies about current issues, new technologies and current trends are also available.

Market needs:




Forecasts on the development of motorization around the world and country reports on the current market development

Analysis of manufacturer's strategy and model policy including launch dates, market share trends, etc.

Studies on market potential and future penetration in new technologies (e.g. alternative fuel concepts)

Forecasts of global vehicle Production on the basis of manufacturer's plans and demand situation

BDW Automotive
 carry out customized studies and consulting projects  on behalf of our clients 

Dealer network




After market:

Dealer network studies, annual sales planning

Market potential for new markets, models & features

Segment analysis, product-portfolio-strategy

Call-off-Planning, Factory Capacity planning,  

Service network planning, after market potentials